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2015- A Sweet Review

This past November marked one year since we moved to the Niagara region. It’s hard to believe how many changes have taken place since then. Our business continues to grow and we have learned so much from new neighbours, local farmers and fellow entrepreneurs. We are eternally grateful to our loyal customers and of course, to our wonderfully supportive family and friends. It’s been a sweet year! Some of our favourite moments are captured throughout this blogpost as we head into 2016.

confetti confetti

In the summer of 2015, we decided to take the steps to install a commercial kitchen as well as refresh our website to align with our vision for a responsive site that maintains a whimsical look. We wanted to make navigation easier and establish a more engaging experience, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. These are a few steps we took towards developing “the Baking Twins” that will set the foundation for 2016 and allow us to continue our passion for delivering custom cakes, cookies and cupcakes.

Of course, we couldn’t forget about the sweets! One of our favourite wedding cakes from the past year is the three-tier cake we created for our cousin Nicole and her husband, Matt. Hands down, this was one of our favourite cakes to create. From the beautiful flowers and bling to just a hint of pink (at the request of Nicole), it was simply elegant! Heading in to the new year, we can’t wait to create more custom wedding cakes. We love taking a bride (and groom’s) vision and turning it into a sweet reality. It was hard to choose a favourite from our growing gallery.

Nicole Cake final

We also enjoyed creating a variety of whimsical styled cakes this year, including a sculpted ski themed design, a Jeep Wrangler cake topper, 3D fondant animals, a carved running shoe and shoebox, a whisky bottle as well as a celebration champagne bottle (in the spirit of the new year)!

Collage 1 final

We love creating custom cakes, as they allow us to get creative with unique designs. We are always amazed with each request and have yet to create the same cake design twice. We say farewell to these sculpted cakes, and are excited to see what 2016 brings in regards to sculpted cakes!

Collage 2 final

Looking ahead, we are excited to keep doing what we love – create, bake and share our passion with as many people as possible. From the bottom of our mixing bowls, thank you for your support throughout 2015! Happy New Year!

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Wedding Flavour Guide

We believe that your cake is the centrepiece of your event, and you want it to taste as stunning as it looks! The most delicious cakes are freshly baked using quality, simple ingredients to create a dessert that is scrumptious inside and out.

Choosing a cake flavour can sometimes be a daunting task – especially when you’re planning a larger event and trying to please a variety of people. There are endless possibilities when choosing your cake flavours, fillings and icings and you want to choose something that not only pleases you and your guests, but matches the time of year and the theme of your event.

We have put together a flavour guide to help you choose your perfect cake flavour, whether you prefer classic, simple flavours to want to try something a little different!


Spring is a time for new beginnings, marking the start of a fresh new season and a fresh new chapter- making it the perfect time to tie the knot. That, and the fresh, tangy flavours that pair great with the budding flowers and warm breeze. Our favourite spring flavours are anything citrus! Lemon offers a light citrus flavour that is a great choice for couples who don’t want a very rich or heavy cake. It’s a great tangy crowd pleaser that is the perfect sweet finish to any event!

A lemon cake pairs perfectly with a raspberry or strawberry filling for a fruity blend. Another great option is to pair the lemon cake with a simple lemon buttercream icing to highlight the lemon flavour.

Although we are a huge fan of these fresh and light Spring flavours, a classic chocolate Cakecake remains one of our favourite and most popular flavours for events all year around. With so many different levels of richness and flavour pairings, chocolate cake can be completely customized to the season and personal taste. You can’t ever go wrong with chocolate cake!

A simple chocolate cake can be paired with a buttercream frosting for a classic crowd pleaser. This childhood favourite can be elevated to a more sophisticated level when paired with flavour accents such as mint, orange and strawberry fillings.

With Fall right around the bend and delicious Autumn flavours coming along with it, carrot cupcake cutoutcake is the perfect addition to any rustic Fall event. Carrot cake is a slightly untraditional and unexpected route, making for a unique addition to your sweet table and dessert round. With chopped pineapple and grated carrot as the main components, it is perfectly paired with a smooth cream cheese frosting. It reminds us of all the best things about fall- sitting be the fire, sipping a hot cup of coffee and the crisp smell of Fall air.

We love carrot cake for a rustic or shabby chic wedding/event. This flavour combination is a
great way to spice up your event with something different from your classic chocolate or vanilla.

While carrot cake adds an unexpected sweet twist to spice up your dessert table, many couples choose a traditional vanilla cake so they can experiment with different and fun icings and fillings. You cannot go wrong with a classic vanilla cake paired with vanilla frosting, especially when you’re planning a larger event and would like to please a variety of preferences.

However, if you’d like to get a bit more adventurous with flavours, a vanilla cake serves as a great base. It can be dressed up with essentially any frosting, filling or fruit! Using a vanilla cake is a great compromise when trying out a different flavour.

The best way to choose your ideal flavour combination and achieve a taste you know you and your guests will love is to book a cake tasting. At a cake tasting, you will receive several icing and cake flavours to try, so you can experiment with as many combinations you desire!

cake tasting photo

We like to believe that a cake tasting is a sweet break from the stress of planning a wedding or event. Who doesn’t love to sit back, relax, and eat cake?

If you’re contemplating flavour options and combinations and worrying about pleasing a large group of people, you don’t have to choose just one flavour. Each tier of your wedding cake can have a different flavour to give your guests a variety of sweet options and please everyone at your event. The biggest problem will be choosing just one flavour to indulge in!

These are only a few flavours from our scrumptious flavour menu – you can view the rest here! Although, we must warn you – you may have a serious sweet tooth after reading!

Sweet Goodies Your Guests Won’t Leave Behind

Edible treats and favours are always a hit with party guests, whether offered at a bridal shower, a lunch or dinner with bridesmaids, the rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, you can bet that the recipients will appreciate having a little something to indulge their sweet tooth with later on. August is all about weddings, and giving something sweet to the people that will surround you on your big day. Instead of sending guests home with trinkets that likely sit around collecting dust, give them a treat they won’t be able to resist digging into.

We’ve put together our favourite edible favours that are adorable and affordable!

Cake Pops

Cake Pops are a fun, creative and tasty treat to wow your guests at any wedding or bridal shower. Bite-size cake balls are available in several temping flavors —carrot cake, lemon, red velvet, buttermilk chocolate, brownie and vanilla sponge —plus seasonal picks, like pumpkin or spice cake. Cake pops are a great option for dessert tables or as part of a gift box.

The great thing about cake pops is that they can be customized to your event, from custom flavours to custom designs. One of our favourite designs is this Mr. and Mrs. cake pop duo- the perfect pair! The beautiful bride is dressed with white chocolate and glittery sanding sugar, while the groom is cloaked in a dark and white chocolate tuxedo for a classic look. Coated in white and dark chocolate decorated with pink to add a nice “pop” is another classic design that we cannot get enough of. Cake pop collage


With cookies, there is no limit. Cookies are so customizable, and can be designed to suit any wedding theme and favourite flavours. These personalized favours are where you can get creative and let your personality come through.

These custom-designed, hand-decorated cookies shaped as wedding gowns, wedding cakes or rings are a great way to thank your guests and celebrate the special occasion with something extra sweet. We love the idea of having these cookies laid out on a sweet table, or handed out as favours at a bridal shower!.

Cookie Collage

We love how creative you can get with cookies, from simple designs to custom shapes and colours. One of our favourites has to be this stacked cookie cake, a perfect favour for your bridal party. These favours are perfect to tie in your theme in a sweet way for your guests to enjoy on the way home!

Cupcakes to go

Cupcakes to goEnd the party on sweet note! Cupcakes in a Jar are adorable and too good a favour to pass
up! With flavors like cookies and cream and salted caramel, your guests will love taking home this extra treat at the end of the party.

Plus, they are super easy to customize with your colours by adding a ribbon or sticker with your monogram. These mason jar cupcakes-to-go are layered with chocolate cake and chocolate icing, a classic combination that is sure to pleasure all of your guests. The cupcake is sealed off with a personalized label that can match your wedding invitation and wedding colours. We love this simple design!

These are perfect bridal shower gifts and wedding favours, so that your guests have something sweet to eat on the way home or after the big event!

Fortune Cookies

Not only are fortune cookies a light and sweet favour, but they are a great way to add some personality to the wedding and add a message that thanks each of your guests. This is a fun and unique favour for weddings and bridal showers! Each fortune cookie is wrapped with a personalized “fortune,” which can include your names, wedding date, a themed graphic or a meaningful quote.

PicMonkey Collage fortune cookiesWhoopie Pies

Who doesn’t love an extra treat for the car ride home? These whoopie pies are a fun takeaway favor and with offerings such as raspberry, pumpkin, red velvet or chocolate. There is sure to be a scrumptious flavor that you and your guests will enjoy!

Whoopie pie collage


MeringueMeringue kisses, meringue drops, or simply meringues. Whatever you want to call them, these sweet little cookies are equal parts chewy and crunchy, and everyone loves them. Impossibly delicious and so pretty – easily tinted to suit any colour scheme.

Not only do these little treats taste great, but they are a cute and simple favour that can make any tablescape look a little sweeter! The delicate, whimsical design is perfect for weddings and bridal shower events.


You can never go wrong with baked goods, and the options are endless! The Baking Twins allow you to create unique favours from custom fortune cookies or cupcakes to personalized cookies.



A Cookie Encounter

Often we cross the border to stock up on baking supplies and cake decorations that are not available in Canada. We have sourced different cutters, silicone moulds, impression mats and modelling tools that allow us to make special enhancements to our cakes, making it possible to make cute custom creations to suit any event!

We wanted to share a little slice of our trip with you, because these road trips, sharing these moments side by side, are what make us “The Baking Twins”. And so the adventure begins!

Road Trip Map

On a trip through Pennsylvania (love the tax free shopping), we made a stop in Ambler PA, a quaint little town, approximately 16 miles north of Philadelphia and came upon a charming shop known as The Flour Pot, a little cookie boutique. Mother and daughter team, Margie and Abbey Greenberg create beautiful cookie designs – fun and whimsical.

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet and chat with Margie. She was gracious to give us a tour of the shop – we met her staff and left with a bunch of goodies!!  We have added the Flour Pot Cookie Book to our collection of baking books – a wonderful reference that has served as inspiration for our cake and cookie decorations.

flourpot cookie book

It is always a great thing when creative minds get together to inspire each other, and we were so lucky to be able to share ideas, pick up some sweet treats and get inspired.

The cover itself serves as sweet inspiration, with ice cream and flip flop cookies for summertime treats, a hamburger cookie for backyard BBQs and holiday themed goodies that are already getting us excited for holiday baking! This mother and daughter duo truly recognizes the creativity and art of baking, which is something we always hope to achieve in all of our creations.

Oasis Cake Supply in Bensalem PA carries an excellent selection of cake decorating tools and supplies. The prices were terrific – we purchased two stainless steel mixer bowls (you can never have too many!) for 50% off. Truly an essential in home baking.

Another stop on our adventure led us to a stopover in Seneca Falls, NY.

seneca falls

After exploring this incredible town, visiting an interesting museum and picking up a few souvenirs along the way, we returned home to our kitchen (and our dog, Coco)!

We’re always writing about all of these little things that we love, including our adventures, inspiration, recipes and many more exciting things. Be sure to subscribe to the Baking Twins’ blog down below to never miss a sweet update, and visit our social media links for the “cherry on top”!


Glazed Lemon Sugar Cookies

Happy National Sugar Cookie Day! This baking-inspired holiday gives us a reason to celebrate another sweet summer day. Today, we were inspired by this sweet holiday and fresh, summery ingredients to create a tangy variation of the classic sugar cookie. Simple and sweet!

Photo with Watermark

Why does lemon seem so summery? Some fruits can feel at home in any season, but for us, the tart taste of lemon is as summer as it gets. Lemon flavour is the perfect way to add a fresh, tangy element to the simple sugar cookie, so we mixed these two favourites to create the ultimate summer treat.

Sometimes the simplest cookies are the most satisfying. Lemon sugar cookies certainly fit that description, a classic sugar cookie flavoured with a ton of fresh lemon zest. This gives them a bright, clean lemon flavour that reminds us of sipping a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day or having a big slice of home made lemon meringue pie (one of our favourite parts about summer)! Is your mouth watering yet?

Our Lemon Sugar Cookies feature traditional sugar cookie dough dressed up with tart lemon juice and grated lemon zest- and yes, they do taste as good as they look. The juice from fresh lemons gives these soft and chewy sugar cookies a refreshing twist that makes a perfect summertime snack. As if the cookies could get any better, we topped them with a fresh lemon glaze to heighten that lemon flavour.

If you can’t wait to make a batch of this treat for your next summer picnic, barbecue or potluck, we’ve given you our special recipe so you can get baking!

Recipe card

We’ve made these cookies the same way as you would at home; using the freshest ingredients, baked from scratch and with the care they deserve. There’s nothing about these cookies that melts or that has an overpowering flavour –tastes like you’ve taken a big bite out of summer! Another Baking Twin favourite!

If you’d like to be a part of our virtual kitchen and share some more great recipes for all of your summer adventures, you can subscribe to our blog in the footer down below. You can also take another bite and view even more treats here!

Welcome to the Baking Twins’ Blog!



Cue the ConfettiWe are thrilled to welcome you to our redesigned website and excited for this opportunity to introduce it to you. The new platform was designed with genuine care, precision, and creativity by Jessie Borsellino.

The new features include a revamped gallery to allow for easier browsing, better organization and improved access for our customers. We wanted a responsive site that maintains a fun and whimsical look, makes navigating the site easier and establishes a more engaging experience.

LineAdventure QuoteLine

Just as the weather is getting warmer, trees are beginning to bud, and days are growing longer, we too are transitioning. With the creation of our blog, The Baking Twins look forward to connecting with those who share our passion for creating and enjoying delicious sweets. Our plan is to use this space for conversation – just as you would chat about the day’s happenings and plans for the future around your kitchen table, we invite you to do the same here. Pull up a chair and join us in our virtual kitchen and let’s celebrate the small things in life that make us stop and smile – that is truly the icing on the cake!