Wedding Flavour Guide

We believe that your cake is the centrepiece of your event, and you want it to taste as stunning as it looks! The most delicious cakes are freshly baked using quality, simple ingredients to create a dessert that is scrumptious inside and out.

Choosing a cake flavour can sometimes be a daunting task – especially when you’re planning a larger event and trying to please a variety of people. There are endless possibilities when choosing your cake flavours, fillings and icings and you want to choose something that not only pleases you and your guests, but matches the time of year and the theme of your event.

We have put together a flavour guide to help you choose your perfect cake flavour, whether you prefer classic, simple flavours to want to try something a little different!


Spring is a time for new beginnings, marking the start of a fresh new season and a fresh new chapter- making it the perfect time to tie the knot. That, and the fresh, tangy flavours that pair great with the budding flowers and warm breeze. Our favourite spring flavours are anything citrus! Lemon offers a light citrus flavour that is a great choice for couples who don’t want a very rich or heavy cake. It’s a great tangy crowd pleaser that is the perfect sweet finish to any event!

A lemon cake pairs perfectly with a raspberry or strawberry filling for a fruity blend. Another great option is to pair the lemon cake with a simple lemon buttercream icing to highlight the lemon flavour.

Although we are a huge fan of these fresh and light Spring flavours, a classic chocolate Cakecake remains one of our favourite and most popular flavours for events all year around. With so many different levels of richness and flavour pairings, chocolate cake can be completely customized to the season and personal taste. You can’t ever go wrong with chocolate cake!

A simple chocolate cake can be paired with a buttercream frosting for a classic crowd pleaser. This childhood favourite can be elevated to a more sophisticated level when paired with flavour accents such as mint, orange and strawberry fillings.

With Fall right around the bend and delicious Autumn flavours coming along with it, carrot cupcake cutoutcake is the perfect addition to any rustic Fall event. Carrot cake is a slightly untraditional and unexpected route, making for a unique addition to your sweet table and dessert round. With chopped pineapple and grated carrot as the main components, it is perfectly paired with a smooth cream cheese frosting. It reminds us of all the best things about fall- sitting be the fire, sipping a hot cup of coffee and the crisp smell of Fall air.

We love carrot cake for a rustic or shabby chic wedding/event. This flavour combination is a
great way to spice up your event with something different from your classic chocolate or vanilla.

While carrot cake adds an unexpected sweet twist to spice up your dessert table, many couples choose a traditional vanilla cake so they can experiment with different and fun icings and fillings. You cannot go wrong with a classic vanilla cake paired with vanilla frosting, especially when you’re planning a larger event and would like to please a variety of preferences.

However, if you’d like to get a bit more adventurous with flavours, a vanilla cake serves as a great base. It can be dressed up with essentially any frosting, filling or fruit! Using a vanilla cake is a great compromise when trying out a different flavour.

The best way to choose your ideal flavour combination and achieve a taste you know you and your guests will love is to book a cake tasting. At a cake tasting, you will receive several icing and cake flavours to try, so you can experiment with as many combinations you desire!

cake tasting photo

We like to believe that a cake tasting is a sweet break from the stress of planning a wedding or event. Who doesn’t love to sit back, relax, and eat cake?

If you’re contemplating flavour options and combinations and worrying about pleasing a large group of people, you don’t have to choose just one flavour. Each tier of your wedding cake can have a different flavour to give your guests a variety of sweet options and please everyone at your event. The biggest problem will be choosing just one flavour to indulge in!

These are only a few flavours from our scrumptious flavour menu – you can view the rest here! Although, we must warn you – you may have a serious sweet tooth after reading!

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