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Cue the ConfettiWe are thrilled to welcome you to our redesigned website and excited for this opportunity to introduce it to you. The new platform was designed with genuine care, precision, and creativity by Jessie Borsellino.

The new features include a revamped gallery to allow for easier browsing, better organization and improved access for our customers. We wanted a responsive site that maintains a fun and whimsical look, makes navigating the site easier and establishes a more engaging experience.

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Just as the weather is getting warmer, trees are beginning to bud, and days are growing longer, we too are transitioning. With the creation of our blog, The Baking Twins look forward to connecting with those who share our passion for creating and enjoying delicious sweets. Our plan is to use this space for conversation – just as you would chat about the day’s happenings and plans for the future around your kitchen table, we invite you to do the same here. Pull up a chair and join us in our virtual kitchen and let’s celebrate the small things in life that make us stop and smile – that is truly the icing on the cake!

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