Perhaps it all began Christmas 1972 when Santa left a yellow Easy Bake oven under the tree for two little girls. Identical twin sisters, Jennifer and Joanna, were the ecstatic recipients of that oven. They played and baked, waiting patiently for something to “cook” with a 40 watt light bulb – oddly enough, all of their wondrous creations tasted the same. The mixes were terrible however, the idea that you could eat “a whole cake” by yourself was genius. And the fact that you could create a sort of assembly line–pushing one cake in forced the done cake to the cooling station. It was magical!

We no longer have that oven, however, our joy for baking has continued. Tried and true family recipes handed down from generations of bakers. We are just getting started!

Together, “The Baking Twins” deliver a slice of Niagara in every bite! Feel free to contact us to place an order, shop online, and be sure to check out our social media links!

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